2013-14 Proposed State Budget

Governor Corbett’s 2013-14 budget drastically cuts public services, ignores the needs of the most vulnerable citizens and fails to hold corporations accountable in the commonwealth. 

Since Governor Corbett has been in charge, Pennsylvania families have been forced to sacrifice while oil and gas companies and other profitable corporations are getting financial favors. And this year is no different.  In addition to the $1 billion in tax giveaways that have been a part of every Corbett budget, the Governor announced ANOTHER $375 million in giveaways to big corporations.

We need Governor Corbett to prioritize the Pennsylvanians he was elected to represent, not the corporate donors who funded his campaign.  Pennsylvanians cannot afford more of the same, and we will not accept the false choices the Governor is presenting.  In fact, the future that Governor Corbett is creating for Pennsylvania threatens our core values.

In Governor Corbett’s Pennsylvania:

  • Our children’s education will depend on the sale of liquor;
  • Working families will be without the retirement security they planned on in order to pay for billion dollar corporate giveaways;
  • Hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians will not have access to healthcare because of political posturing with Washington;
  • Creating a brighter future for the middle class will take a back seat to big oil and gas companies making record profits.

At a time when Pennsylvania families need him to stand up for them most, Governor Corbett has shown that he is not on their side.

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2013-14 Proposed Budget Materials (Introduced by Governor Corbett February 5, 2013)

For more information please visit www.seiu668.org/2013-14-state-budget

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