2017 Election Results: President, Secretary-Treasurer, Fiscal Trustee

SEIU Local 668 internal election results have been tabulated in accordance with internal SEIU Local 668 rules, procedures and guidelines. Due to concerns that are being addressed by the elections committee as well as the independent third party (American Arbitration Association) not all results are available to be certified as final at this time. More specifically there are provisional ballots that are still being received and will be tabulated on November 2nd.

At this time the results for the offices of President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Fiscal Trustees should be considered final and valid.

The candidates for office are listed as follows:

(winners are in BOLD in order of the most vote counts by office)


Steve Catanese

Tom Herman

Antoine Jefferson


JoAnne P. Sessa

Kimberly Rothwell

Shawn Domenico

Fiscal Trustee

Carol Allen

Michael Baker

Joel Levin

Charles Marcinko

Due to provisional ballots that have yet to be received and certified by the American Arbitration Association the results of all other offices will be embargoed until which time the results are tabulated and confirmed by the American Arbitration Association. The American Arbitration Association is a neutral third party that guarantees the process and validity of internal union elections.   As soon as the results are validated they will be provided to all full dues paying members of SEIU Local 668.

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