2020 Statewide Election Results

SEIU Local 668 internal election results have been tabulated by the American Arbitration Association* in accordance with internal SEIU Local 668 rules, procedures, and guidelines.

At this time all results for the statewide offices are  now considered final and valid.


Please Note–The Officers, Trustees, Chapter Chairs, and Committee Chairs are SWEB members. Statewide representatives with a SWEB seat have been indicated.  All candidates are listed by BALLOT ORDER with winners/chairs in bold and statewide representatives in italics.


The candidates for office are listed as follows:


Steve Catanese



JoAnne Sessa

Karmella Sams


Fiscal Trustee

Carol Foster-Allen

Raymond Martinez

Patricia Deifbaugh

Michael Baker

Roxanne Hoag


Chapter Chair 1

Tammy Jo Rodgers


Chapter Chair 2

Eric Dodd


Chapter Chair 3

Scott Tkach


Chapter Chair 4

Kristopher Grimes


Chapter Chair 5

Amy Varner


Chapter Chair 6

David Herzog


Chapter Chair 7

Cheryl Little


Chapter Chair 8

Laurie Haines

Andrew Hilt


Chapter Chair 9

Christopher Ellis


Chapter Chair 10

Danyel Jennings


Chapter Chair 11

Julie Elliott


Chapter Chair 12

Damon Allen


Chapter Chair 13

Sara Flynn


Chapter Chair 14

Kimberly Hillard



Sarah Tilley

Charlene Ellis-Statewide Rep

Diane Sohomuch

Christine Bolen-Statewide Rep



Jason Harvey



Donna Lambie-Statewide Rep

Harold Longmore

Shelley Rhodes

Lori Mutchler-Statewide Rep


CAO Rank & File

Amy Kanas-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Charles Outhier

Amanada Senft

Lacey Haas

Amanda Baker-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Wendy Camus

Luis Marengo-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Phaedra Reed

Zachary Perkins-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Jason Reinhardt-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Dionne Graham

Loweda Woods-Veatch

Elizabeth Anderson

Marissa “Ris” Jenkins-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Denise George-Statewide Rep

Dare Mort

David Levine-Statewide Rep

Jennifer Edmonds-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Jennifer Evans

Nina Coffey



Amy Gitler

Faith Ferebee

Richard Barron-Statewide Rep

Rachel Gall

Alan Gordon-Statewide Rep

Jennifer Bagshaw

Joseph Novak-SWEB/Statewide Rep



Essex Christie



Maria Ferrey-Statewide Rep

John Hoffman



Christian Yetter



Laurie Limerick-Statewide Rep

Tonia Frank



Christopher Good-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Ronald Ernest-Statewide Rep

Brad Mengel

Shronda Lockett-Statewide Rep



Jeffrey Seabury-Statewide Rep

Stacey Bargielski-Statewide Rep

Aleece Rearic



Christina Shaffer-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Andrew Woll-Statewide Rep

Stacey Thomas


State Misc. 

Sabrina Harrell


YDC/YFC (Tie, Chair TBD)

Christopher Psarsky

Anthony Pecorale



Joanne McDermitt



Leah Henisey

Alex Ciotti-SWEB/Statewide Rep


County Misc. 

Donald Meadows



Denise Sharper



James Schultz II

Cheryll Eisamen-Statewide Rep


Emergency 911

Thomas Troyan


Juvenile Detention

Ruth Howard



Hawah Kamara

Jeffrey Tolbert-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Betty Coli-SWEB/Statewide Rep

Carla Wilson-Statewide Rep

Sarah Adenaike-SWEB/Statewide Rep



Albert Olive


*The American Arbitration Association is a neutral third party that guarantees the process and validity of internal union elections. 

Congratulations to all who were successful in being elected, and special thanks to our incredible members for taking the opportunity to run as candidates!

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