3-17-20: Update on COVID-19 and DHS Employees

This morning, SEIU Local 668 sent the following letter to Teresa Miller, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (download here), along with the following Demand to Bargain letter (download here), concerning yesterday’s reclassification of DHS employees as essential staff.

The Penn Capital Star also reported on the reclassification today: COVID-19 outbreak in Pa.: What’s open and what’s closed.

“‘But according to Steve Catanese, president of Service Employees International Union Local 668, thousands of state employees started Monday morning as non-essential, and by days’ end were essential.’ 

‘They need to figure out ways that everyone gets benefits because of how many people lost their jobs. They’re right, we agree with them,’ Catanese said. ‘But the fact is that they thought of no potential ways to limit the harm of people going in to do the work.'” Read the full article here.

We will be providing updates as we learn more on this website and on the TWR Facebook Group.

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