Affecting Change on a Grassroots Level: Online Training

Online Training Now Available-

The work that SEIU 668 does reaches far beyond grievances, contracts and other workplace issues. There are many serious challenges facing our union, including pension threats, privatization of public services, cuts in funding to those services, threats to our union rights and the depletion of the middle class. We need to take an extremely active role in moving our issues, influencing our legislators and other elected officials and changing public sentiment towards public employees.

Grassroots advocacy is the work of ordinary people to educate, inform and sway people in favor of a cause, idea or policy. This grassroots advocacy is what is needed in order to overcome the many challenges that our union faces. The idea of doing this work may be a bit overwhelming to you. However, don’t panic, because it isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. In fact, many of our members already participate in grassroots activities every day and these members what to teach you how you can do the same.

A handful of SEIU 668 members created an online training module of how you too can affect change on a grassroots level. These members will give you the tools, knowledge and resources necessary on how to be an effective advocate of labor issues. The training modules can be found on our website at:

The online training modules will teach you how to build personal relationships with people of influence, how to have a successful legislative visit, how to best communicate with people of influence, how to do public outreach, how to use online communication tools, how to participate in events and how to further get involved in your union!

A very special thanks to the following members, who kindly offered their expertise for the creation of these training modules: Lisa Simerell, Mike Butler, Sara Dudash, Brendan Tedrick, JoAnne Sessa, Sabrina Harrell and Greg Riedlinger.


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