America Needs Union Jobs Round Table



Everyone who works hard should be able to make ends meet. But too many people in Beaver County are working longer hours for lower wages because billionaires and the politicians have rigged the economy. While they get tax breaks, skyrocketing profits, and millions in CEO pay, the rest of us end up with poverty-wage jobs.

That doesn’t happen by accident – it happens because working people don’t have the power in numbers to fight back. But when workers join together in unions, we all win. We can raise wages and create balanced, inclusive growth. We can build strong communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Join us on June 18 to ask Congressman Conor Lamb to stand with working people to unrig America’s economy. It’s time for America’s leaders to do everything in their power to turn low-wage jobs into the good, union jobs our families and communities need.

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*This is a hatch friendly event and any member of SEIU Local 668 is permitted to attend.

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