America Needs Unions

As we approach Labor Day 2017 on Monday September 4th, all workers, whether unionized or not, need to stand together to do for each other what many of our elected officials refuse to do…raise the standard of living for the American people and provide the safety and security we all deserve for our labors.

We all know the truth of the saying “no man (or woman) is an island”. Left up to many employers, we wouldn’t have a chance of obtaining a living wage, would have no advocate to speak on our behalf to provide workplace safety, would lose the fight against all forms of workplace discrimination, and would never have the chance to have affordable quality healthcare for our families, to name a few benefits of organized labor. But if we continue to unionize our jobs and grow in numbers, we will have the strength and power to fight for good jobs and fair pay for ALL workers and their families and less dependency on subsidized programs.

Statistics show that unions provide their workers with higher wages and better benefits than workers in similar jobs in the private sector. But many corporations, employers and anti-worker politicians continue to complain about laws and regulations that protect workers and push for corporate tax cuts that have not produced any job growth in this country. In addition, many anti-union companies and ultra-conservatives want to end welfare, cash assistance, LIHEAP, and lower the income levels so less people qualify for these benefits as well as others! Their ongoing tactic is to divide us and pit us against one another. We can’t let that happen!

We can never forget those that sacrificed and even died to bring justice to the workplace. Without their heavy lifting, we wouldn’t have Act 195 in Pennsylvania in support of the public sector jobs and our right to organize and bargain or the National Labor Relations Act for the private sector workers’ protection. We have come too far to give up and let anti-worker employers and politicians take away our hard earned wages and benefits. And there is too much at stake to not fight for our jobs and our way of life as the rigged economy benefits those at the top of the income levels, leaving merely crumbs for those that don’t have a unified voice. Even now we struggle to maintain the strong union we have built and are attacked by those who would serve their corporate masters every day.

We all deserve better from those that are fighting to hold wages and workers down. And we can get there if we all stand together and fight. When we fight, we win!

Have a wonderful Labor Day and be proud of your role in our successes!

In Unity,

Tom Herman, President

SEIU Local 668, PSSU

List of Labor Day Events Across the State:

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