Apply to be an SEIU PA Member Political Organizer

As you know, part of ensuring that we remain strong is organizing and mobilizing against anti-worker attacks. We also must ensure that we elect pro-worker champions into office this November! To do so, we are also currently recruiting SEIU PA Member Political Organizers (MPOs) for SEIU’s 2018 political program. To serve as an SEIU PA Member Political Organizer, interested members must be willing (and able under their current contract) to take an 8-week leave of absence from their employment to work full-time for the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council, beginning either July 29, or September 7.

The SEIU Pennsylvania State Council will pay for lost wages and the costs of your healthcare. For those applicants currently covered by the Civil Service Act, the Governor’s Executive Order 1980-18, and/or the Hatch Act, if you are accepted as an SEIU PA Member Political Organizer, current restrictions on your political activity will not apply while you are temporarily separated from your public employment. Please apply here for consideration for the first and subsequent Waves of the Member Political Organizing program.

For more information or to ask questions, please email

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