Become a Poll Watcher or Poll Worker

Become a Poll Watcher or Poll Worker (1)

**** If your job falls under the Hatch Act, you are not able to be a poll watcher or poll worker

Poll Watcher

  • candidates or political parties are allowed to designate a certain number of poll watchers at an election site.
  • Poll watchers must go through training and become certified by the county. Each county a poll watcher certification process. You can only be a designated poll watcher in the county you are registered to vote in
  • A poll watcher may not interact with voters. They can notify the Judge of elections if they perceive a problem
  • For more information about becoming a poll watcher, contact the Democrat or Republican Party in your county.

Poll Worker

  • Poll workers work at the polls on the day of election day. They check in voters and get them their ballots.
  • Poll workers can only work at a polling location in the county they are registered to vote

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