Call Your Elected Officials Today to Advocate for Hazard Pay

SEIU Local 668 members work in state hospitals, prisons, 911 call centers and in many other facilities that could be a source of community spread. Many other members work out in the field, conducting home and site visits and are at increased risk of infection. Some of our members have contracted the virus. Others, unfortunately, have lost their lives due to COVID-19. 

Public sector workers continue to provide services to the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable citizens during the COVID-19 epidemic. It’s high time they are compensated for the danger they are in and, by extension, the danger their families and communities face. 

Additional money from the CARES Act could be appropriated by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to provide hazard pay to public sector workers. But if the General Assembly does not hear from you, that money will likely be spent on other things.

Call your legislator now and demand they appropriate additional CARES Act dollars for public sector hazard pay. If your legislator is not in their office, leave a message or ask to speak with a staff member. 

Continue to call until the General Assembly makes hazard pay a priority. Please send an email to or post about your call in the Together We Rise Facebook Group, and let us know how your conversation went. Together we can get hazard pay to public sector workers, but we must act now.

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