CAO – Rank and File Committee

Committee Chair
Ashley Brewer

Statewide Committee Representatives
Tiffany White
Dionne Graham
Amanda Baker
Wilbur “Doc” Meyers
Joseph Niro
Jason Reinhardt
Scott Tkach
Amanda Senft

Chapter Representatives
Bryan Churchill (Chapter 1)
Wendy Camus (Chapter 2)
Dylan Molloy (Chapter 3)
Kristopher Grimes (Chapter 4)
Denise George (Chapter 5)
David Brennan (Chapter 7)
Mickey Stevenson (Chapter 9)
Jeffrey Bullock (Chapter 10)
Julie Elliott (Chapter 11)
Nancy Honish (Chapter 14)
Zachary Perkins (Chapter 12)
Jennifer Evans (Chapter 13)

Committee Alternates
Tracy Quimby (Chapter 2)
Lakendra Urquhart (Chapter 3)
Sharon Bungard (Chapter 4)
Jason Singleton (Chapter 5)
Joyce Johns (Chapter 7)
Stephen Moore (Chapter 9)
Daniel Hyzenski (Chapter 14)
Kathleen Beck (Chapter 10)

Staff Representatives
Karmella Sams

Statewide CAO LMM Minutes and Other Documents

LMM Minutes – June 26, 2017

Secretary Ted Dallas Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2017

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