CAO – Supervisors Committee

Welcome to the site of the CAO Supervisors Work Committee. Our committee deals with issues that affect Income Maintenance Casework Supervisors in the County Assistance Offices. We meet with statewide management on a regular basis in order to deal with the many issues that face us at our work sites. We hope to develop ways to lobby politicians, increase our steward structure and attempt to get more of our members involved in helping the union and the membership. At a time in which public employees are under attack, we need to stick together and fight back.  Please see the links below for the minutes of our last few statewide labor management meetings

Listed below are the members of our committee and the chapters that we represent. The list indicates which CAO is in each chapter. If you have an issue please feel free to contact your Chapter Representative. Chapters 8 and 14. do not have a rep. If you are from one of those chapters and have an issue, you can call another member of the committee or the chair, Rachel Gall. Additionally, if you are from Chapters 8 or 14 and are interested in serving on this committee call Rachel or your Chapter Chair.

Committee Chair
Rachel Gall or (412) 378-7045

Statewide Representatives
Richard Barron
Melanie Drayton
Alan Gordon

Chapter Representatives
Chapter 1 – Karen Kalivoda, Erie CAO,
Chapter 2 – Robert Ross, Butler CAO,
Chapter 3 – William Guzy, Allegheny CAO,
Chapter 4 – Deanna Kaydo, Fayette CAO,
Chapter 5 – Patricia Defibaugh, Blair CAO,
Chapter 6 – Barb Hetrick, Elk CAO,
Chapter 7 – Kelly Ramsey, Union CAO,
Chapter 8 – Vacant
Chapter 9  – Janel Torres, Lancaster CSC,
Chapter 10 – Raymond Dolan, Chester CAO,
Chapter 11 – Phyllis Madison, Montgomery CAO,
Chapter 12 – Frank Delaney, Philadelphia CAO South,
Chapter 13 – Kay Bingell, Lehigh CAO,
Chapter 14 – Vacant
Joseph Julian (Chapter 5)
Jennifer Bagshaw (Chapter 9)
Rebecca Kellem (Chapter 11)

Staff Representative
Steve Jarrell


CAO Sups Meet and Discuss Minutes – August 4, 2017

Secretary Ted Dallas Meeting Summary – March 2, 2017

CAO Sups Minutes January, 28, 2017


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