Chapter 6

This page will be updated as soon as Chapter elections and committee appointments are held in the first quarter of 2018.  Thank you for your patience.  For immediate needs please email:

Covering Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, Potter and Warren Counties

Regional Office Location

Chapter Officers
Chapter Chair: Dave Herzog:
Chapter Vice Chair: Denise Neilson:
Chapter Secretary: Barb Hetrick:
Chapter Treasurer: Stephanie Galmish:
Chapter Vice Chair: Denise Neilson:

Business Agents
Jon Hitchings:
John Listisen:
Judy Miller:

Administrative Staff
Lisa Sutter:

Retiree Ambassador
Jim McCurdy:

To have your expenses paid directly to your bank account, click on below link and complete form.

Communications and Media:
Rick Grejda, (ext) 276
CELL: (412)-475-9110

Meeting Notice:

January 20th Meeting Notice

Meeting Minutes:

Chapter 6 Meeting Minutes – October 11, 2017






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