Civil and Human Rights Committee

Committee Chair:
Paul Gambill or 814-421-1976

Committee Members:
Mike Butler (Chapter 1)
Monica Fitzgerald (Chapter 10)
Ronnessa Edwards (Chapter 12)
Theresa Jones (Chapter 14)
Ethan Lashlee (Chapter 5)
Richard McIntosh (Chapter 2)
Marilyn Mercado (Chapter 8)
James Sheasley (Chapter 7)
Wanda Smith (Chapter 3)
Wendy Weidman (Chapter 9)
Lester Wright (Chapter 13)

Alternate Members:
Brandy Bailey (Chapter 3)
Maria Delgado (Chapter 2)
Nicole Gambill (Chapter 1)

Staff Representative:
Coby Brubaker:

Meeting Notice

Civil and Human Rights Committee meeting notice 09.27.19

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