Conservative SEIU Members: Join Us for a Conservative Member Engagement Call on May 31

As you know, the work of the CMEC over the last two years has been instrumental in informing our union’s national leadership and has helped to lift up the voices of thousands of proud, pro-union conservative members of our union.    As part of that effort, you may recall last November our committee fielded a national survey to our fellow conservative union members about current issues and events that were dominating our rapid-fire news cycle.  The purpose of this inquiry was not to set any formal policy but to open up space to hear from a broader set of our membership.  With over 110 completed surveys we are now excited to share the combined results of that survey.

We want to invite folks who consider themselves conservative or are just interested in the work of our committee to please join us on the call on May 31st to see the results of this survey, to learn from some of our CMEC members about the on-going work and goals of our committee and hear from EVP Neal Bisno about how the voices of conservative members are informing our national communications and member engagement programs.

Please email us at with your full name so that we may verify your membership and provide you with the call-in information.


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