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Thousands of Activists Demand Wells Fargo To Pay Their Share
On Tuesday, May 29th thousands of community activists, including numerous SEIU 668 members, shut down parts of downtown Denver as they marched to Wells Fargo to demand that they pay their fair share. Read More…

A fair excise tax on the big oil and big gas companies reaping hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in the state’s Marcellus Shale. We remain the only significant gas-producing state without such a tax. A real tax would generate much-needed funds for the state and for local communities.

Close a state tax loophole that rewards companies for sending the sales tax they collect from all of us to the state on time. This is an antiquated system, before computers and even cash registers, that gives businesses a 1% discount. This would generate $74 million per year in new revenue.

End the gaping tax loophole that allows large national and international corporations, about 70% of the corporations in our state, to shift profits from Pennsylvania to Delaware. The Delaware Loophole shifts the burden of taxes to tens of thousands of Pennsylvania-based businesses that follow the rules and pay their fair share of taxes. Closing this loophole would generate up to $550 million a year in new revenue and would create a more fair tax structure for all businesses and all Pennsylvanians.

With these three steps, the commonwealth could fill the budget deficit and could move to provide more and better public services to the citizens of our commonwealth. You, as union members, can help us get there by contacting your legislators, contributing to COPE to help elect pro-middle class candidates and joining in with actions in your communities.

Fairness for a Balance the Budget

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