Download the 2016-2019 State Contract Agreement

We are pleased to inform you that the Officers and negotiating committee, along with representatives of the Commonwealth, came together last week to officially sign the 3-year State unit agreement and memorandum of understanding that covers over 9,000 of our members, completing the process that began nearly a year ago.   It has been a long and difficult road to get this agreement and MOU, however, we wanted you to know how hard the negotiating team worked to get our members the best contract possible.

Below you will find the link to PDF copies of both the agreement and memorandum of understanding.  The timeline for printing the contract books will be based on the vendor and their availability.   Our goal is to get these out to our members as soon as possible.

Representing the first-level supervisors, Frank Delaney, ICWS, said “It’s exciting to know that all the input and mobilization of the members and the hard work of the negotiating team resulted in three years of improved working conditions for all our State unit members.”

Income Maintenance Caseworker, Joe Niro, added that  “While this 3-year contract may not be perfect, it certainly does help new employees obtaining vacation time upon immediate hiring.  And by negotiating increased wages into the beginning of the contract, the members’ will realize even more money in their pockets over the long-term.”

The signing of this contract is a momentous occasion that codifies all the hard work of our members and establishes labor harmony for the next three years. We would like to take this opportunity to again thank the members of the negotiating team, the Statewide Executive Board, our State Contract bargaining unit Shop Stewards, local member leaders, and the rank-and-file members who fought for a fair contract with a mobilizing campaign that included making calls, sending letters and emails, as well as all the informational pickets and breakouts across the state. Without our members’ commitment and engagement from the beginning, we could not have achieved a fair contract with the employer. Together we showed that when we fight we win!

2016-2019 SEIU Local 668 State Contract Agreement 04-06-2017

Please note that the First-level Supervisor Memorandum is not yet ready to post online.  We anticipate posting in the next 24 hours. 


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