Endorsed Candidates in Bucks County

SEIU Local 668 (1)

Bucks County

Gene DiGirolamo, Bucks County Commissioner
As a member of the PA House of Representatives, Gene has fought for working families in Harrisburg and will continue to do so as County Commissioner. For 25 years, Gene has been a Republican labor ally. He has fought against Right to Work legislation and continues to work across party lines on issues such as Raising the Minimum Wage and Saving General Assistance. He understands that protecting society’s most vulnerable population should not be a partisan issue. One of Gene’s top campaign priorities is his commitment to improving Health and Human Services. He will be an asset to the county and fight to protect human services.

Diane Marseglia and Bob Harvie, Democratic Candidates, Bucks County Commissioner
Diane and Bob understand that county workers provide quality social services to the community and vow to bring privatized social services back under county control. As commissioners, they are against so-called paycheck protection and realize it is legislation to weaken unions. Diane and Bob are both proud, dues-paying union members. Diane is a member of AFT and a part-time professor at Bucks County Community College, while Bob is a PSEA member and full -time teacher at Lower Bucks County Technical High School. As Bucks County Commissioners, they will work together to develop an integrated approach when it comes to handling county problems instead of just managing them.

Dennis Fisher and John Mack, Newtown Township Supervisors, Bucks County
Dennis is a former SEIU Local 668 shop steward from the Philadelphia State Hospital. He fought to keep it open and assisted bargaining unit employees with finding positions when it eventually closed. John and Dennis are running together as a slate for Newtown Township Supervisors in Bucks County. Their top priorities are long-term financial planning, working with other townships to ensure Emergency Services Coverage, and increasing communication with constituents.

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