Endorsed Candidates in Cumberland and Dauphin Counties

SEIU Local 668 (1)

Cumberland County

Michael Fedor, Cumberland County Commissioner
Michael has spent his career improving the communities where he lives. He previously held elected office on the Duncannon Borough Council. Michael served as the Vice Chairman of the Duncannon Municipal Authority, and Chairman of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee. Michael is running for office because he wants to improve Cumberland County by building on the strong economy. He believes all workers should earn a living wage. He wants to bring high paying jobs to Cumberland County. Michael is a strong supporter of unions. During the interview, he discussed the importance of workers forming unions and stated that, as Commissioner, he would support Cumberland County workers forming unions.

Alissa Packer, Camp Hill Borough Council
Alissa became involved in local politics after the 2016 election. She coordinated the Harrisburg Tuesday with Toomey rallies and meetings. She began attending Camp Hill Borough Council meetings and realized a need for change on the Council. Her top priorities are improving communication between council members and residents and she wants to protect the borough through careful zoning and planning decisions. In her endorsement interview, Alissa said she would use her elected office to advocate for unions and working families. She believes all workers should be paid a living wage.

Dauphin County

David Madsen, Harrisburg City Council
David is an incumbent City Council member and is now running for a second term. Along with serving on City Council, he works as the Labor Liaison for the United Way. David is committed to improving workforce development by partnering with labor unions and non-profit agencies. He wants to enhance infostructure within the city and to work towards a balanced budget.

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