Endorsed Candidates in Delaware County

SEIU Local 668 (1)

Delaware County

Stephanie Klein, Court of Common Pleas
Stephanie has a long history of helping people through her work as a lawyer. In Chester County, she worked for Legal Services and revitalized the volunteer lawyer program. This program provides legal services to individuals who otherwise could not afford a lawyer. She co-founded the Delaware Bar Association’s Women in the Law Committee. This committee supports female lawyers by providing educational opportunities, networking, and fundraising for causes such as domestic violence. Stephanie wants to ensure the court is a place where everyone feels comfortable and equally represented.

Nusrat Rashid, Court of Common Pleas
Nusrat has 20 years of experience working in the legal field. Earlier in her career, Nusrat represented injured workers against insurance companies. She currently practices Family Law, which is something she is very passionate about. Nusrat believes her experience in both criminal and family law will be an asset to the bench. During her candidate interview, she spoke about how important it is to bring diversity to the court system. Diversity on the bench will make more people feel accurately represented and increase trust in the court system.

Rick Lowe, Court of Common Pleas
Ricks’ legal career includes practicing construction law, where he represented contractors and subcontractors, and negotiated contracts and worked as an arbitrator. In 2010, he became Mayor of Swarthmore. During his time as Mayor, he joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns. After his term as Mayor ended, he began volunteering at a local prison, where he taught a Constitutional Law classes to inmates. Rick became a liaison for prisoners with life sentences. He assisted these prisoners with trying to get legislation passed, that would allow them to be eligible for parole.

Kelly Eckel, Court of Common Pleas
Kelly has worked as an arbitrator since 2010 with the American Arbitration Association. As an arbitrator, Kelly makes sure both parties feel heard. In Kelly’s interview, she stressed how important it is for her to make sure each party is heard and that each party understands the decision handed down by the court. Kelly works at a corporate law firm representing commercial cases and mentors new lawyers who represent prisoners in Federal Court on Civil Rights Violations.

Dr. Monica Taylor, Delaware County Council
Dr. Monica Taylor is a professor at the University of the Sciences and a member of the Upper Darby School Board. Through her work as a school board member, Monica realized the need for changes in her county. That is why she is running for office. As a candidate, one of her top issues is improving workforce development in her community. She realizes the need for bringing livable wages and equal pay into the area. As a member of the county council, she will work to ensure the government is transparent and represents everyone in the community.

Elaine Schaefer, Delaware County Council
Elaine held elected office previously; in 2009, she became a township commissioner. As a township commissioner, she worked to reform the government and eliminate corruption and wasteful spending. During her endorsement interview, she strongly opposed the privatization of county services. Elaine wants to end the privatization of the Delaware County prison. The county taking control of the prison will allow more oversight and transparency and will be better for the residents of the county. She also opposes privatizing other county positions for the same reason.

Christine Reuther, Delaware County Council
Since 1997, Christine held several elected and appointed offices. She is currently the Rutledge Township Solicitor and serves on Central Delaware County, Sewer Authority. Her county government experience also includes serving as Commissioner for Nether Providence Third Ward. She also works as a lawyer practicing tax and business law. She is running on a platform of improving government transparency. She wants county auditor letters to be available to the public for review. Her platform for increased transparency includes the county posting all jobs online.

Jack Stollsteimer, Delaware County District Attorney
In 2000, Jack became an Assistant District Attorney in the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office. He went on to become a Policy Analyst and Special Assistant U.S Attorney for Project Safe Neighborhoods. His work included working to end gun violence in Eastern Pennsylvania. Jack is running on a platform of criminal justice reform. He wants to stop the privatization of prisons, change the cash bail system, and improve the effectiveness of drug treatment courts.

Matt Silva, Upper Darby Township Council
Matt became a member of the operating engineers union after an organizing drive. Matt went on strike two times with his shop. His experience with the operating engineers union has shaped his views on collective bargaining, and as a member of the township council, he would advocate for collective bargaining. As a council member, Matt will work to ensure Township roads get sidewalks and are ADA compliant. He will work with state legislators to secure the proper funding. He also wants to update the Townships playgrounds to make them accessible for kids with disabilities and safe for all children. He will work to secure grant funding for these projects.

Pasquale Cipolloni, Delaware County Springfield Township Commissioner Ward 5
Pasquale’s top priorities for township commissioner include increasing transparency in government and improving infrastructure. He will work with state agencies and other legislators to obtain extra funding for township projects. Pasquale will work to ensure township workers earn a livable wage, benefits, and healthcare. He believes the township should take care of the workers who take care of the municipality.

Maria Turnbull, Delaware County Springfield Township Commissioner, Ward 7

Marie wants to end one-party rule in the township and bring balance to the Board of Commissioners, balance on the board will lead to careful fiscal management. By ensuring all documents are reviewed to identify areas for cost-saving measures. She believes employers should offer healthcare to their employees and would support raising the minimum wage.

Rose Fasciocco, Delaware County Springfield Township Commissioner Ward 3
As a township commissioner, Rose will work to bring local government together with the community to improve transparency. She is a small business owner who believes the minimum wage should be raised to fifteen dollars per hour and keep growing with inflation. The community of Springfield is important to her. Rose lived in the township for twenty years, and it is where she raised her family. That is why she wants to be part of the board and represent her community.
Westy Westergaard, Delaware County Springfield Township Commissioner, Ward 1
Westy’s number one priority as commissioner will be improving transparency. He will ensure township residents are informed about the board’s decision. He wants to improve transparency so that constituents are aware of decisions that impact their everyday lives, such as development on main roads. He wants to end the system of awarding township contracts to political friends and donors. Westy is running because he believes the people of the township deserve a board of commissioners that informs them of decisions and fairly represents everyone.



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