Endorsed Candidates in Northampton County

SEIU Local 668 (1)

Northampton County

Luke Verdes, Northampton County Council
Luke is a former union member. He shared a personal story about his reasons for supporting organized labor during his endorsement interview. After the birth of his son, both his son’s mother and son were sick; as a result, Luke had to take time off from work. This experience made him realize how important it is for workers to have affordable health care and benefits. Luke is running for County Council because he wants Northampton County to be a place where all residents can flourish. He worked in the public sector and for non-profit agencies. As the director of a non-profit agency, he worked with homeless people. After completing a Master’s degree in Public Administration, Luke managed a program that increased healthcare access to under-served populations. He currently works for a firm that assists nonprofits with helping the community.

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