Endorsed Candidates in Lehigh County

SEIU Local 668 (1)

Lehigh County

Bob Elbich, Lehigh County Commissioner
As an entrepreneur, Bob brought manufacturing jobs to the Lehigh Valley by directing the creation of two manufacturing companies. These companies brought skilled technical jobs to the area. Growing the economy and improving working conditions for county workers are his top priorities. Bob wants to return county contract negotiations to the Lehigh County Executive because he believes the current process is not working. Bob is against privatizing county jobs. In his endorsement interview, he said county employees are highly trained professionals with years of experience in their field. Privatizing these jobs would negatively impact the people in the community Lehigh County workers serve.

Cecelia Gerlach, Allentown City Council
Cecelia is currently serving her second term on the Allentown School Board and has a history of working in human services. She worked as a teacher for children recovering from trauma in a residential setting, and currently works as a mental health therapist. Cecelia will use her position on the City Council to support unions because she believes workers should be able to earn a livable wage, and supports increasing the minimum wage so it can become a living wage. She is running for City Council to build a stronger community in Allentown.

David Harrington, Lehigh County Commissioner
As County Commissioner, David will work to secure adequate funding for the County’s social service programs, such as Children and Youth. As an attorney, he has witnessed the hard work that Children and Youth workers do in court, and he will continue to support these and other county workers and oppose privatizing services. He realizes county workers are highly trained professionals, and outsourcing social services will put vulnerable people at risk.

Dan Hartzell, Lehigh County Commissioner
Dan is an incumbent Lehigh County commissioner and is running for another term. Before running for office, he worked as a reporter for the Morning Call newspaper and covered Lehigh County board meetings. One of his top priorities is to have the Lehigh County Executive take the lead on contract negotiations. He also is against the privatization of county prisons, social services, and nursing homes, and will fight to ensure those jobs do not get contracted out. Dan considers himself a union guy because his father had a union job; therefore, he saw first-hand the benefits unions bring to the middle class.

Zakiya Smalls, Lehigh County Commissioner
Zakiya owns a commercial cleaning business and is running for office for the very first time. As a small business owner, Zakiya pays her employees $15 per hour and supports raising the minimum wage. She believes all working people should be able to make a living wage regardless of their education level. She sought SEIU Local 668’s endorsement after hearing about the hard fight our local’s county shops had with recent contract negotiations.

Mark Pinsley, Lehigh County Controller
Mark’s top priorities as County Controller are to make audits available to the public in an easy-to-read format, audit programs to ensure they are working efficiently, and increase transparency with the public. He opposes privatizing county services because he believes contracting out services is not an effective way to cut costs. Instead, privatization increases cost, and there is less county oversight of critical services. As a small business owner, Mark provides all of his employees with healthcare.

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