Endorsed Candidates in Westmoreland County

SEIU Local 668 (1)

Westmoreland County

Gina Cerilli, Westmoreland County Commissioner
Gina is an incumbent Westmoreland County Commissioner and, SEIU Local 668 is proud to endorse her for another term. Gina has proved that she can work with elected officials regardless of party. She continues to oppose the privatization of county services. Her top priorities are combating the opioid epidemic, protecting all county assets, and improving workforce development.

Ted Kopas, Westmoreland County Commissioner
Ted is an incumbent Westmoreland County Commissioner running for another term. He received SEIU Local 668’s endorsement in the past, and our Local is happy to announce his endorsement again. Ted believes strongly in worker’s rights and collective bargaining. He opposes privatizing county human services and has a record of successfully working with state and local leaders to accomplish what is best for Westmoreland County residents.

Mark Mears, Westmoreland County Controller
Mark is a pro-union candidate and is against the privatization of county services. Privatization negatively impacts union security and causes people to lose jobs. He believes that all families should make a livable wage and agrees with raising the minimum wage. Mark wants to see the labor movement grow and assist the growth of the middle class in Westmoreland County.

Jessica Rafferty, Westmoreland Court of Common Pleas
Jessica has a long history of helping people. Before law school, she worked for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and she served in the United States Peace Corps. As a judge, Jessica will keep politics out of the courtroom and ensure her chamber is a place where everyone can have their voice heard.

Mike Stewart,  Westmoreland Court of Common Pleas
Mike has spent the majority of his legal career working in family law and believes this background will be an asset to the bench. For three years, Mike has served as the co-chair of the Westmoreland Bar Association Family Law Committee. As a judge, Mike will interpret and apply the law fairly. He believes Westmoreland County needs a judge who understands the complexity of family dynamics and who will uphold the law to best assist families in need.

Jim Smith, District Magistrate Judge, District 10-1-03
Jim is running for magistrate as a way to give back to his community and continue to help others in need. He served as the Monessen Chief of Police. Jim and his wife are long-time union members and supporters.


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