From President Herman: If you cared about our members, Senator Wagner, you wouldn’t have killed the bill!

L & I Front Shot

It is the height of hypocrisy for a State Senator to not only claim responsibility for ending these members’ jobs, but then to claim to care about them when he has spent much of his time in office proposing, filing, or supporting legislation that would erode their bargaining rights as public workers.

Senator Wagner claimed responsibility in multiple media outlets, including the York Dispatch, CBS21, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, under the pretense of accountability and transparency. What the public should understand is that he killed a vote on a bill that not only would have kept these members in their jobs, but would have required the Auditor-General to audit how money was spent from 2013 until now – for accountability and transparency.

Senator Wagner says he visited with workers at the Lancaster UC Service Center on Friday and learned about the UC system. Did​ he speak with workers before he decided their jobs weren’t worth his vote? Did he speak with the 90-odd Republicans in the House who voted for the funding​ bill before he decided to “[dig his foot in]”? Did he attempt to learn about the system before blowing up the system and calling to “let them close”?

​One can only reasonably conclude he did this for political purposes. And it is quite frankly inhuman to play politics with the lives of hard working, taxpaying citizens whose very job is to help others. The public should be outraged at the grandstanding of a State Senator when those who are passionate about helping others are losing their jobs six days before Christmas.

Rest assured, we are exploring and pursuing all available remedies to address the Senate Majority’s inaction, including civil service appeals. We will do what it takes to make our members whole. Any allegation or insinuation that we are doing less than that is without merit. We fought for SIIF funding to save our members jobs and ensure that the people of Pennsylvania receive the support they need. We will continue to do so.

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