Health and Safety – DPW

All health and safety issues must be discussed locally before bringing to the State-Wide Committee. If not resolved locally, please forward to the Committee reps below to be discussed State-Wide.

Committee Chair:
Cheryl Little (Chapter 7) or (814) 359-8625

Committee Representatives:
Elizabeth Anderson (Chapter 9)
Dawn Briggs (Chapter 5)
Maria Delgado (Chapter 2)
Brandi Johns (Chapter 12)
Amy Kanas (Chapter 14)
Alex Levine (Chapter 3)
Mary McLaughlin (Chapter 8)
Joseph Niro (Chapter 4)
Phaedra Reed (Chapter 10)
Jason Reinhardt (Chapter 13)

Alternate Representatives:
Ron Kurek (Chapter 9)
Wilbert ‘Doc’ Meyers (Chapter 2)
Marcie Riebe (Chapter 14)
Dionne Graham (Chapter 12)
MiaLee Truitt-Allen (Chapter 10)

Staff Representative:
Steve Jarrell

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