Immediate action needed: Call your PA State Senator!

Dear Members,

It was just two years ago that we fought back against the so-called “paycheck protection” bill. Well, in case you haven’t heard or haven’t been following our calls to action, the Legislature, particularly Senator Scott Wagner, has made this his #1 priority.

Instead of doing the meaningful work of funding schools, fixing our roads and bridges, passing a fair budget, and fixing the unemployment compensation crisis, they’re messing with your paycheck and thereby your right to be heard.

This era of corporate CEOs and Wall Street special interests trying to pass state laws that pretend to be about deducting dues, isn’t new but is critical now more than ever with this newest push to grab more power by silencing working families. It is extremists like Republican Senator Scott Wagner, who is clearly leading the charge to attacking working families and union members like you.

It is important that you call your Senator immediately, sending them a strong message to protect your voice, your contract, your benefits and your union. Click here to find your State Senator, and call them to demand they VOTE NO on SB 166 and SB 167 and any effort to silence working families. Your legislator must hear from you immediately! I can not emphasize enough the urgency of your calls! It is expected that these two bills could be voted on today or tomorrow at the latest!

Together as one voice through these calls, we will stop these attacks on workers and union members.

Best regards,

Tom Herman, President

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