Labor & Industry Furlough: Civil Service Appeals Process

TO:  All L&I Members, Stewards, & Business Agents

FR:  Claudia Lukert,Esq – Chief of Staff

DT:  November 29, 2016

RE:  Civil Service Appeal Procedures


As I am sure you are aware, under the Civil Service Act, employees may only be furloughed for one of two reasons: a lack of work or a lack of funds.  It is Local 668’s position that neither of these two criteria have been met with the recent closings and furloughs within Labor and Industry.

While we cannot guarantee a Civil Service Appeal will be successful, we do not want to leave any stone unturned in addressing these furloughs.  Therefore we are suggesting that those individuals who have received furlough notices file a Civil Service Appeal.  I have attached a template, outlining our argument, which you may want to use.

In order to represent an individual at a Civil Service Hearing, the representative must be a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania.  While the Local does not normally provide representation at Civil Service hearings, because of the widespread nature of the furloughs on our membership, the Local will make one of our three attorneys on staff available.  The staff attorneys will be available to assist with questions and in the event the SCSC grants hearings, represent a sample of individuals in the hopes of securing a decision that can be relied upon by others during their appeal.  You also have the option of retaining the services of an attorney of your choice, at your expense or you may represent yourself at a hearing.

Should you wish to have the assistance of the Local in this matter, please copy any appeal filed and all paperwork received to:

Claudia Lukert, Esq. -Chief of Staff
PA Social Services Union, Local 668
2589 Interstate Drive
Harrisburg, PA  17110
Or email to:

Please note:  While you have the option of filing a grievance OR a Civil Service Appeal, YOU MAY NOT FILE BOTH.  In this case it appears the best option for redress is a Civil Service appeal and not a grievance.  If you decide to pursue a Civil Service Appeal, you have 20 days from the date of your furlough notice to file the Appeal.  Please file your appeal directly with the Civil Service Commission and provide the Local with a copy of the appeal and any related paperwork.  The Local WILL NOT be doing the actual filing of any Civil Service appeals in order to avoid delay. ONLY THOSE MEMBERS WHO HAVE RECEIVED A FURLOUGH NOTICE ARE EFFECTED.


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