Politics & Legislation

 Learn more about the legislation we are following here.

Politics and legislation impact our member’s lives both inside and outside of the workplace. SEIU 668 members work together to hold public officials of all political parties accountable to working families on such issues as….

  • Public services everyone can rely on, so that public funds are used to provide good jobs, education and other basic community needs;
  • Fair tax policies that ensure corporations and the rich pay their share;
  • Security for working families through retirement, Social Security, Medicare, unemployment compensation and other essential protections; and
  • Basic freedoms for working people, including the freedom to have a choice at work without employer interference, to work in a safe and healthful place and to be protected from discrimination of any kind.

Politics and legislation is an important part of the work we do as a union because it dictates the lives of our members.

SEIU 668 is a diverse organization representing members from all political affiliations. We work towards electing officials and mounting campaigns for politicians who will fight for working families and stand up for SEIU 668 members, regardless of political party.  We closely evaluate candidates and issues based on those that are in line with the work of our members and working families, not by political affiliation. And SEIU 668 follows every piece of legislation that is proposed in the commonwealth that may affect our members and working families. Learn more about the legislation we are following here.

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