March 2017 Re:Union


Message from President Tom Herman

March Madness Continues!  The expression “In for a penny, in for a pound.” might be old-fashion but it speaks to the level of commitment we must all find within ourselves as the fight continues to protect our freedoms, preserve our lifestyle and hold our government accountable.

The Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch is rapidly coming to ahead in the U.S. Senate. Senator Robert Casey has committed to voting against his nomination and should be reassured and thanked by us that he is doing the right thing. However, Senator Toomey recently said he would back the “nuclear option” which means he’d vote to change the Senate’s rules to allow Gorsuch’s nomination with less than 60 votes. Toomey, who prides himself on being a traditionalist, needs to hear from us that Judge Neil Gorsuch would be the wrong choice for SCOTUS. Please call Senator Toomey’s at his Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-4254 immediately!

The PA Budget:

With the huge structural deficit the Commonwealth is facing and the need for sustainable revenues to continue to provide our constitutional requirements, SEIU Local 668 along with other labor organizations, and community advocates have partnered with PA’s Choice. The battle to secure funding in the state budget for the programs that employ our members has already begun. PA’s Choice has developed a very viable plan to raise funding for our state budget. Take a few minutes to watch their video presentation.  This Fair Share Tax Plan, which was mostly incorporated in the Senators Haywood and Hughes’ SB 555 legislation, provides the revenue streams needed to pay down our structural deficit AND provide for public investment funding for education, infrastructure improvements, and human services, while decreasing the income tax rate for 85% of Pennsylvanians. Now that is welcomed news! Full article:
Message from Secretary-Treasurer JoAnne P. Sessa

A significant step towards obtaining the necessary funding to restore the unemployment compensation system was made this week with the passing of SB250.  While this is a temporary fix, it is a step in the right direction.  This bill moves to the house when lawmakers return to session next week. We need to continue the fight to get our members back to work providing efficient services to Pennsylvania’s unemployed citizens!
Full article:



The First 100-Days Fight For My Job, By Christopher Good

I worked for two years at the Harrisburg Overflow Center as an Intake Interviewer. When the furloughs occurred, I was half-way through the training to become an Examiner. I really enjoyed my job; it was challenging and rewarding; I felt I found true purpose serving the citizens of Pennsylvania. My previous work was in Human Resources. I studied journalism and psychology. I previously had no experience in political activism prior to the furloughs, and this was the first union job I ever had. Full article:


Research Corner:

Our Attorneys have been working overtime with many issues so we are sharing these articles on family and medical leave this month in lieu of of the regular legal article. There is a huge battle to win paid sick time for all workers in the United States. As a union; we are constantly trying to improve paid time off for family and medical leave. The following articles and research papers were published by the Pew Research Center:

Americans Widely Support Paid Family and Medical Leave, but Differ Over Specific Policies
Full article and research paper:

Access to paid family leave varies widely across employers, industries
Full article and research paper:


Attention all Shop Stewards and member leaders: Have you registered for 2017 Shop Steward training?  Time is running out to RSVP.  If you have missed your Chapter’s training you may be able to attend a neighboring Chapter’s training.  Please contact your Chapter Chair or Business Agent.
Full list of trainings by Chapter:

If you are a Shop Steward or a member leader and are intested in atttending the SEIU Local 668 –  2017 Leadership Training in Harrisburg, please contact your Chapter Chair or Business Agent.  A listing by Chapter including contact information can be found here:

April 29th March in Washington D.C.

Buses will be available across Pennsylvania for those SEIU members and their friends and family members who are interested in attending the April 29th march in Washington D.C. for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate.

Contact for further information.  Details:
Advice for members attending any mass rally or protest:

FUEL members needed in all Chapters!

Are you under 40?  Do you want to be a part of the change a Union helps to create? Do you think we can make changes? FUEL is for you! Future Union Engaged Leaders is seeking members in each chapter to serve on our committee. If you are ready to help ReFUEL our union! Please contact Amy Gitler (FUEL Committee Chair) at

SEIU Local 668 Career Opportunities:

Fiscal Administrative Staff-Harrisburgh Office:

Administrative Staff – Pittsburgh Office (new posting):

(Shop Stewards please post these announcements on your union bulletin board)    


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