SEIU Local 668 Member Portal


As part of our continuous effort to provide our members with the best possible service, we are pleased to announce the launch of our SEIU 668 Member Portal, an online tool specifically for active members.

 The web address to the Member Portal website is:

In this online portal, SEIU 668 members will be able to:
–   Access and make changes to your contact information;
–   Participate in steward elections;
–   Cast contract votes;
–   Obtain information on the status of any open grievances.

In addition, active members will be able to communicate with SEIU 668 staff by simply clicking on a link. We are confident that members will find this online portal an excellent gateway to information and communication.

In January of 2021, emails and letters were released to all active members that contained their personal login information. If we did not have a personal email address on-file in our database, or if the email address bounced-back, a printed letter with login information was mailed to the home address currently on-file. If you have not received an email or mailed letter with your login information, please send an email to and our staff will work to assist you.

Once again, the web address to the Member Portal website is:
For additional information, please view this powerpoint or review these helpful FAQs.

We’re looking forward to using this online portal more in the future as a way to allow all active members to directly communicate with staff and have immediate access to their contracts and grievance information.

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