The President and Secretary- Treasurer were democratically elected by membership for a three year term, which runs January 2018 – December 2020. These Officers are the leaders of our union, who are responsible for the daily operation of the union and resolution of all union business. They oversee all union staff and maintain a close working relationship with committee and chapter chairs.

President Steve Catanese

Secretary-Treasurer JoAnne Sessa
JoAnne “Jo”  Sessa is serving her first term as Secretary Treasurer for SEIU 668.

Jo began her Union leadership as a Chief Shop Steward and chair of the  labor management committee in Delaware County, Crosby District.  She educated and mobilized new and seasoned members of both Delaware County DPW offices where she has served as an Income Maintenance Caseworker for over 26 years.

Jo served as a Member Political Organizer in four “loss time” campaigns including the 2008 Presidential Campaign.  She was  a key member organizer, mobilizer and lobbyist for Chapter 10.  She also served as Vice Chair of State Shops and Treasurer of Chapter 10 as well as a delegate for the Southeastern Pa AFL-CIO.

In 2011, Jo was elected to the CAO Rank & File Committee and became a voting member of the Statewide Executive Board of SEIU 668. She became the Chair of this committee in 2014 representing 4300 members statewide. Her position as Chair of the largest work committee of Local 668 opened her eyes to the lack of respect  given to union workers by the state, counties and private employers statewide. This lack of respect and total disregard of what our union forefathers fought for convinced her to run for Secretary Treasurer and fueled her ambition to rebuild SEIU 668.

Jo is committed to educating ALL members and holding those elected to represent our members accountable for living up to their leadership roles.  She will reconnect the broken lines of communication between shops and Interstate Drive.  She believes that listening to the concerns and suggestions of members is a crucial part of internally organizing and the rebirth of our great Local.  This must be a team effort to be successful as we can only be as strong as our weakest link.  UNITED WE STAND….DIVIDED WE FAIL.

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