Oppose the Turzai Budget Plan; Call and email your Senator Now!

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** UPDATE ** 9/20/2017

If you have not already done so, we need you to send two emails: First email your State Representative an email: http://bit.ly/2wLiufs
and then email your Senator: http://bit.ly/2yeoMmr.

Thanks to House Speaker Mike Turzai and extremist lawmakers in the state House, we still don’t have a real budget. The House just passed a reckless budget bill that is built on gimmicks and wild-assed guesses that just don’t add up. 

Their budget –

  • Sells the state’s hard-earned tobacco settlement money for one-third of the price
  • Raids special funds that pay for transportation, health, and environmental programs
  • Once again fails to tax the Marcellus Shale industry

This is not the only option. Two months ago, the Senate passed a plan that includes long-term, sustainable revenues, and a shale tax!  It isn’t perfect, but it fully funds state government and prevents furloughs and cuts to critical programs. It works.

Now, the bogus House bill is before the Senate. We need you to tell you Senator to reject the dangerous House plan.

The time to act is now.  The state is running out of cash to make payments – which could lead to furloughs for SEIU members, major cuts to health programs, and $1 billion in cuts to education.  The Senate needs to act immediately to reject the House plan and force the Speaker back to the negotiating table.

The clock is ticking, so please call your Senator at (844)-854-1901 and then take 30 seconds to email your Senator: http://bit.ly/2yeoMmr  today and urge that they REJECT the reckless House plan!

In unity,

Tom Herman, President
SEIU Local 668

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