Become an SEIU 668 Retiree Member

Dear Retirees,

Retirement does not mean your involvement with the union must end! Retirees coming out of the labor movement possess a rich knowledge and understanding of the vital role unions play. We are important to building our union and the labor movement as a whole. Retired union members bring energy, enthusiasm, time and experience to all SEIU 668 activities.

You may be eager to become involved in union activities and can provide a wealth of information and expertise, as many retirees are. Whether it is initiating letter-writing campaigns, communicating with elected officials, getting out the vote, participating in voter registration drives, organizing new worksites, fighting for healthcare reform or other issues important to working families, retirees are a valuable yet largely untapped resource within the union and community.

Stemming from the busy 2012 election cycle came a renewed interest to make the SEIU Local 668 Retiree Committee a more viable presence. Our goal is to tap into this largely unused resource and actively engage more retired members to serve as a link to alliances and programs that benefit retirees in their everyday lives. SEIU Local 668 wants to keep retirees involved in the labor movement by utilizing their life experiences and union activism.

As the SEIU 668 Retiree Committee Chair, I am inviting you, as a retiree, to become a union member. You can sign-up right now via this online form, or you can download the Retiree Membership Application here. Print, fill out, and mail in the retiree application to our Harrisburg Office, or complete the online form today.  Dues for retired members are only $4 per month!  Become a retired SEIU 668 member to continue participating and having an impact on your union.


Lawrence Funck,
SEIU 668 Retiree Committee Chair

Question? Contact me at or (717) 813-7495 or email Local 668 at

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