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As a SEIU 668 retired member, we encourage you to stay with us!  Although you are retired, the struggle continues! There is proposed legislation at both the state and federal level to erode our pensions and benefits that we fought so hard to gain.  The SEIU 668 Retiree Committee is fighting hard to retain pensions, health care, social security, and Medicare benefits.  We need your help!  We need every SEIU 668 retired member to stay active and continue fighting for our livelihood.

As the SEIU 668 Retiree Committee Chair, I am inviting all retirees and future retirees to become union members.  Please join us!  Become a retired SEIU 668 member to continue participating and having an impact on your union.  Print, fill out and mail in the following retiree application, or contact headquarters to request an application at 1-800-932-0368.  Dues for retired members are only $4 per month!

Application for Retiree Membership

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We want to hear from you!

If you have questions, concerns, comments or ideas as a retired SEIU 668 member, please email them to or contact the Retiree Committee Chair Lawrence Funck, whose contact information is below.


Committee Chair:
Lawrence Funck (Chapter 8) or 717-813-7495

Committee Representatives:
Janet Kuhns (Chapter 1)
Laurie Kubli (Chapter 2)
Steven Lewan (Chapter 3)
Linda Andrews (Chapter 4)
Chuck Marcinko (Chapter 5)
James McCurdy (Chapter 6)
Lois Brown-Velkoff (Chapter 7)
Bill Wilson (Chapter 8)
Nowell Smith (Chapter 9)
Carol Allen (Chapter 10)
Dennis Livrone (Chapter 11)
Joel Levin (Chapter 12)
Dixie Dugan White (Chapter 13)
Kenneth Abbas (Chapter 14)

Alternate Committee Representatives:
Ted Oslak (Chapter 1) 814-899-3956
Sara Dudash (Chapter 2)
Joan Bruce (Chapter 3)
Randall Smedley (Chapter 8)
Jean Lucas-Allen (Chapter 12)
Ray Martinez (Chapter 12)
Ellen Marx (Chapter 13)

Staff Representative:
Randall E. Bacon, II, Organizing Director

Additional Staff:
Karen Klimaszewski, Organizing Specialist-


Useful Websites and Contact Information:
SEIU Death Benefit Application  (This form should be completed and submitted to the Harrisburg office).

SEIU Member Benefits-

SEIU RAC – The SEIU Retiree Advisory Council
For more information, email SEIU at

Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans202-637-5399

State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) – 1-800-633-5461

PA Retirement Security Coalition (PARSC) – 800-932-0587

Association of American Retired Persons (AARP)- 1-888-OUR-AARP
or 1-888-687-2277

PA Association of Retired State Employees (PARSE) – 1-888-809-7429

Also, for PARSE benefits including dental, vision, life insurance, etc. click the link below.





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