SB 250 Approved by Senate Goes to Governor for Signature

A Good Start But Not Yet Fixed!

“Even before the furlough of 499 unemployment compensation workers, the program was grossly understaffed so while recalling less than half of the workers is a help, it will still not provide the complete assistance needed to serve the unemployed and underemployed workers of Pennsylvania, but it is a start,” said SEIU 668 President Tom Herman.

While the action of the General Assembly in passing Senate Bill 250 will provide temporary relief to Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation system, the job is not done.  This bill will bring back less than half of the unemployed compensation workers who were unjustly furloughed. Meanwhile, a new deadline looms in a matter of months that will plunge the system back into chaos. It is critical that the General Assembly work in partnership with Governor Wolf and Auditor General DePasquale to develop a long term-solution to this continuing crisis.

Christopher Good, one of the furloughed unemployment compensation members, had this to say about today’s passage, “It’s like they’re calling back half of the team when we’re going into overtime. It’s better than not having a team, but it’s going to be difficult facing the obstacles before us while short-handed.”

“It is a travesty that State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner allowed our state’s unemployment system to reach this point of crisis. Our state’s safety net should not be used as a game of political hot potato in order to bolster one senator’s election prospects. We thank the men and women of the General Assembly who voted this week to restore, in part, a vital service to the working women and men of the commonwealth,” Herman said.

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