Scary Pension Reform Proposed!

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With just a few session days remaining on the legislative calendar, there are lawmakers in Harrisburg plotting more attacks on working families. They are introducing another draconian pension “reform” bill and all behind closed doors!

The legislation will force new employees to choose between several options that increase employee contributions by 12%, reduce benefits between 20% to 50%, and will require that workers be 67 years old before they can retire and collect their pensions. Legislators have decided that this regurgitation of Senate Bill 1071 should not apply to THEIR own retirement plan.

If this bill passes, Pennsylvania will have one of the worst public employee retirement benefit plans in the United States. After a decade of underfunding the pension system, this legislation could impact the current retirement system as well, putting retirees and current public employees’ retirement benefits at risk. We need to send a strong message to lawmakers that we’re tired of the trickery and deserve to be treated fairly for our lifetime of service. Workers deserve to be able to retire with dignity.

We have one message for the lawmakers in Harrisburg.  Vote NO on this pension reform bill.

Please contact your legislator in any or all of the following ways ASAP!

Send a letter/email to your Elected Officials here.

Phone your Elected Official here.

Sign up to phone bank fellow members or visit your Elected Official here.

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