SCI Committee

Committee Chair (SWEB Member):
T. Scott Burris(Chapter 4) –

Statewide Representatives:

Committee Representatives:
Joseph Dinardi (Chapter 5) –
Maurice Faison (Chapter 12) –
Judy Jackson (Chapter 1) –
Anthony Martino (Chapter 13) –
David Quick (Chapter 14) –
Stacy Thomas (Chapter 9) –
Paul Ungerman (Chapter 3) –
Andrew Woll (Chapter 7) –

Alternate Representatives
Tammy Jo Rodgers (Chapter 1) –
William Warren (Chapter 5) –

Staff Representative
Rose Cindrick,

Meeting with Secretary Wetzel
Committee Chair, Gary Hughs and others met with Secretary Wetzel of Corrections on March 23, 2012. The conversation was productive. Below is a synopsis of the issues that were discussed.
1. Evening coverage – DOC looking at it. Will stop it if it doesn’t make sense. There will be flexibility at each institution.
2. Flex time – by local agreement.
3. No supervision after 4 pm when Supervisors go home.
4. The average stay of an inmate is 90 days, DOC trying to get it down to 60 days.
5. DOC is looking at video conferencing @ CCC and the prisons.
6. DOC looking at security issues and workload at Wernersville and recognizes the issues.
7. Sec. Wetzel is willing to come to a statewide Corrections Committee meeting – send him the date as far in advance as possible.
8. Sec. Wetzel encouraged 668 to send suggestions up the line and feel free to contact him. Money is tight and we are all in this together.
9. Graterford new prison should be done June 2015.
10. The DOC is looking to close the smaller housing units.
11. Contract Facilities and the need to do a better job monitoring them for both safety and security reasons.

March Corrections Committee Meeting
On March 9, 2012, ten Corrections Committee  members met with five Department of Corrections Administrators.  We discussed outstanding issues including, staff safety, alternate work schedules, staff to client ratios, the elimination of evening shifts for counselors and compensation for detached duty assignments.   Another major issue addressed was the assignment of additional duties to counselors employed in Community Corrections facilities.  The committee is currently waiting for the Commonwealth’s response to our concerns and the meeting minutes.

SEIU 668 Business Agent Rose Cindrick, who is assigned to our committee, did an exceptional job of organizing and facilitating the meeting.  The committee would like to extend its gratitude for her diligent efforts.

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