SEIU Local 668 Ratifies Four-Year State Contract

Last Friday, September 13th, our Statewide Officers President Steve Catanese and Secretary-Treasurer JoAnne Sessa were able to sign and ratify a new four-year contract with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This contract, which includes 16.75% wage increases and no additional member contribution to healthcare costs, will cover more than 8,000 SEIU Local 668 members across the Keystone State.

After reaching a tentative agreement with the State in the late hours of May 30th, members covered under the contract voted overwhelmingly to accept the new agreement, which will expire in June of 2023. “At a time of constant attacks on the public sector, we’re happy to have reached a stable, long-term agreement to give our members and the public peace of mind,” SEIU Local 668 President Steve Catanese remarked.

Anyone with specific questions about the contract should contact our office in Harrisburg at (717) 657-7677 or send an email to

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