SEIU Local 668 Statement on Ending of Department of Corrections Lockdown

As of yesterday, the prison lockdown across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been lifted.

However, that doesn’t mean we should no longer be vigilant.

The day after the implementation of the lockdown, the Chair of SEIU Local 668’s Statewide Corrections Committee Andy Woll, Chief of Staff Claudia Lukert, and I spoke with representatives from the Governor’s Office of Administration and the Department of Corrections about the developing situation. We asked for additional information and indicated that we were aware that some Department of Corrections facilities did not have sufficient protective equipment.

At that time, SEIU Local 668 was advised of the rationale for the lockdown and informed that there was a shortage of protective gear (specifically gloves). To address the shortage, other correctional institutions with a surplus were asked to send any extra gloves to institutions without them. Within 24 hours, we were advised all institutions had received sufficient protective gear.

Stewards should have been contacted by SEIU Local 668 staff representatives to assess situations within their shops already. If you or anyone in your shop are dealing with an ongoing safety issue — including a lack of protective gear —  please inform your Steward as soon as possible so we can help address the situation

Recent coverage on the lockdown as well as new Department of Corrections procedures:

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