SEIU Local 668 Statewide Election Notice

2014 Election ReUnion Final Draft 07082017.pdf

To All Members,

On Friday August 4th, the 2017 Election Newsletter was mailed from the Harrisburg Post Office via our bulk mail permit. Please look for it in your mailbox over the next 10 business days as that is the time frame bulk mail could normally take. Included in this message is a link to the OFFICIAL ELECTION NOTICE in case you want to review all that is contained in it in advance of receiving it in the mail.

We would like to note that there are about 170 members for which we do not have addresses. This is one of those times that draws attention to the importance to updating your contact information, not just with your employer but with your union as well. Over 700 members changed their addresses from what we had in our database.

If you or any other member have not received the election newsletter on or about August 18th, please contact Project Manager Pam Long at (800) 932-0368 ext 110 or by email at Thank you.



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