SEIU PA Announces Endorsements in PA Superior and Commonwealth Court Primaries


HARRISBURG –  Today the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council announced the endorsements of Amanda Green-Hawkins and Lori Dumas for Judge of Commonwealth Court and Timika Lane for Superior Court Judge.

 “The importance of court decisions in the lives of Pennsylvania workers has never been clearer,” said Matthew Yarnell, Secretary-Treasurer of the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council and President of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania. “From safeguarding the public against the ravages of COVID-19 to advancing union rights to protecting the very core of our democracy, Pennsylvania’s courts have often been the last line of defense for fairness and justice. Today we are proud to endorse candidates in the primary races for the Superior and Commonwealth Courts who will advance the rights of workers and stand on the side of justice for all Pennsylvanians, whether Black, white or brown.”

 “When seeking justice, representation matters,” said Gabe Morgan, President of the SEIU PA State Council and Vice President of SEIU 32BJ. “Justice will not be served for all Pennsylvanians until the composition of our courts reflect the diversity of the people of Pennsylvania.  We are proud to endorse a slate of candidates who reflect the race, gender and richness of experience and backgrounds of people across the Commonwealth.”

 The SEIU PA State Council is comprised of SEIU Local 668, SEIU Healthcare PA, SEIU 32BJ and the Pennsylvania Joint Board of Workers United SEIU.  The locals of the State Council represent over 80,000 workers throughout Pennsylvania.

 SEIU members are frontline workers who have kept our airports and schools clean, served meals to our children, and provided care in our hospitals, nursing homes, and home care settings.  SEIU members continue to provide the social services that keep our way of life possible during the pandemic. SEIU members are of every racial and social-economic background.

Leigh Owens

Legislative Director 

SEIU PA State Council

(717) 433-7210

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