Shop Steward Election

As required by the SEIU 668 Constitution, all shops are to hold elections for shop stewards (or shop councils, depending upon your shop’s structure) in January 2021.

Below is a copy of the election guidelines for shops, as well as a “job description” for shop stewards adopted by SWEB in December 1998, a shop steward election results reporting form, and a list of eligible voting members for your shop (provided to Chief Shop Stewards only).  Any discrepancies should be reported to the Harrisburg office (please email with questions or issues).

The duties of shop steward are perhaps the most important of any office.  Stewards are the first line of defense and the guardian of the contract in their shop.  What is unique about the function of a shop steward is the opportunity to have other elected stewards assist the chief shop steward and together keep the shop informed on key issues, mobilized, and able to respond to any contractual injustice levied against our members.  We appreciate all the time and hard work our shop stewards donate year round!

Should you have any questions regarding shop elections, please contact your Chapter Chair.  Any questions they are not certain about may be clarified through the Harrisburg office (please email with questions or issues).

NOTE:  Business Agents are responsible for filling out the green shop steward change sheets to update the Harrisburg computer lists.

We will provide a printout of elected stewards to the Chapter Chairs thereafter.

Thank you again for all your efforts past and future.

Chapter-Shop Election Procedures

SEIU 668 Shop Steward Election Reporting Form

Super Seniority Policy

Steward Election Packet

Steward Election Ballot

Shop Steward Job Description

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