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Background on HB1082:

Did you know that more than 587,000 public sector workers in Pennsylvania are not protected by OSHA’s safety and health regulations?

The Jake Schwab Worker’s Safety Bill, House Bill 1082, has been reintroduced in the Pennsylvania House by Rep. Pat Harkins. Jake Schwab was a mechanic at the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) who died in a workplace tragedy in 2014. The EMTA is exempt from OSHA rules and safety regulations, as are all public sector workplaces in Pennsylvania.   House Bill 1082 will extend the equivalent Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety rules to all public workers.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and its member unions believe that all workers, regardless of their employer, deserve a safe workplace.  No workers should every suffer a preventable injury or death on the job.  Sign this petition to support safe workplaces for public sector workers.

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