State Contract Ratification Update–July 23, 2019

We wanted to share next steps with members on the ratification process of our new State Contract—this is now the second contract where we’ve had to operate under Act 100 of 2016. This law significantly changed how our contract with the Commonwealth is audited and reviewed.

In the coming weeks, the Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) will cost-out our new contract. Then, the General Assembly gets to look at it for 30 days. After that sunshine period has passed, the parties are then allowed to execute the agreement.

At this point, the State has all the data it needs from us, and we’re waiting for the IFO to get their report done and get it to the General Assembly. The Assembly will get to analyze the contract and then we can finalize it.

Right now, we’re expecting that members will receive their back-pay from 7/1/2019 and forward by the Fall. As things progress, we’ll update members as we learn specific details and dates.

This extended process came about in 2016 because of Act 100. It was specifically designed to drag-out the bargaining process, to make it take longer to start contracts, and to allow parties to politicize contracts and drag them through the press. Laws like these, dreamt-up and voted-on by politicians here in Pennsylvania, are meant to be union-busting, and are just another example of why we work hard to support and vote-in labor-friendly politicians at the polls.

We encourage anyone who’s interested in learning more about labor-friendly candidates in your area to reach out to our COPE Committee or join their County Endorsement Committee, where you can interact directly with candidates and decide if they deserve our backing or if they’ll harm us as an organization.

If anyone has any additional questions, please feel free to call our main office in Harrisburg (717-657-7677) or send an email to our general account ( so we can help get you answers.

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