State Contract Negotiation Updates

This page will be dedicated specifically to updates to the State Contract, which will expire June 30, 2019. We will let you know as soon as a date is set for the next negotiation session, as well as provide further updates.

In the days ahead, please be prepared to engage in actions like Purple Tuesdays, informational picketing, and other tactics by which we can show management our union strength. Doing so gives us leverage at the bargaining table.

Over the course of the negotiations, we anticipate providing you with regular updates on the negotiations process. One way in which we will be keeping you informed is through email. As a policy, we do not send email updates to employer email accounts. To stay informed, please make sure that we have your most up-to-date personal email address on file by emailing with your contact information. If members in your Shop want to be informed, please forward a copy of this email to them and encourage them to provide their email addresses to us. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the days and months ahead.

Please keep in mind, State Contract update communications are for members only. Any media inquiries about State Contract negotiations should be directed to our union’s Communications department at If you have any questions about the negotiations, please email and someone from the team will get back to you.

**Please be aware of what email address you use for state contract updates and general union business. Union business, especially anything regarding contracts, should never be conducted via state-monitored email (emails ending in Please keep all union business directed to your personal email account. If you are unsure of what email address we have on file, please send an email from your personal account to to have your contact information checked and corrected.**

State Contract Updates:

February 11th–Draft Session Update

March 8th–First Negotiation Update

March 29th–Second Negotiation Update

April 12th–Third Negotiation Update

April 26th–Fourth Negotiation Update

May 10th–Fifth Negotiation Update

May 23rd–Sixth Negotiation Update

Announcement of Tentative Agreement

Announcement of Membership Vote

Ratification Update from July 23rd


The State Contract Negotiating team members include:

Stephen Catanese, President, SEIU Local 668

JoAnne Sessa, Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU Local 668

Christine Bolen, Statewide Representative for the Bureau of Disability Determination Committee

Jason Harvey, Representative for the Bureau of Human Services Licensing Committee

Lori Mutchler, Statewide Representative for the Blindness and Visual Services Committee

Tiffany White, Statewide Representative for the County Assistance Office Rank and File Committee

Ashley Brewer, Chair of the Statewide County Assistance Office Rank and File Committee

Wilbert Meyers, Statewide Representative for the County Assistance Office Rank and File Committee

Jason Reinhardt, Statewide Representative for the County Assistance Office Rank and File Committee

Rachel Gall, Chair of the County Assistance Office Supervisors Committee

Kristina Cadden, Chair of the State Mental Health Committee

John Hoffman, Chair of the State Mental Retardation Committee

Christian Yetter, Chair of the Office of Childhood Development and Early Learning Committee

Tonia Frank, Chair of the Office of Employment Services Committee

Mark Landon, Chair of the Office of Unemployment Compensation Committee

Jeffrey Seabury, Chair of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Committee

Andrew Woll, Chair of the State Correctional Institutions Committee

Sabrina Harrell, Chair of the State Miscellaneous Committee

Anthony Pecorale, Chair of the Youth Forestry/Detention Camp Committee

Bill Wilson, Retiree member and Chair of Chapter 8

Kieran Kenny, Staff Attorney

Claudia Lukert, Chief of Staff

Kathy Stine, Executive Administrative Assistant

Al Smith, Business Agent

Mallory Kennedy, Business Agent

Jennifer Gilmour, Communications and Policy Liaison

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