SEIU Local 668 State Contract Accepted By Members


We’re excited to announce that Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employees represented by SEIU Local 668 have voted overwhelmingly to accept a four-year contract with the State. 

SEIU Local 668’s State Contract Negotiation Team reached a Tentative Agreement with the Commonwealth on May 30th that provides our members with improved working conditions, stronger union security language, and competitive wage increases. State employee members then voted on whether to accept the language of the Tentative Agreement as a contract with the Commonwealth.

“This is a really great contract that our Negotiation Team worked tirelessly on for many weeks, and I’m incredibly happy that our State workers will have such a strong contract in the Post-Janus world we now live in,” SEIU Local 668 President Steve Catanese said earlier today.

In fact, 99% of Rank and File members voted to accept the contract, and nearly 98% of Supervisors voting in favor of the accompanying Memorandum of Understanding that covers Supervisors as well. This four-year contract with the Commonwealth will expire June 30, 2023. It includes wage increases totaling 16.75% over the life of the contract, along with other benefits that will offset rising healthcare costs in the coming years.

Thanks again to our State Contract Negotiation Team for their hard work and late nights to win such a strong contract for our members. Next steps and additional details will be shared with members in the coming weeks.

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SEIU Local 668 members across the state participated in Breakouts on May 2st, calling for a fair contract for PA Employees and telling the Commonwealth to keep their hands off healthcare. These Breakouts were successful in getting the Commonwealth to keep member contributions at the current rate for the life of the four-year contract.

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