SEIU Local 668 Reaches Tentative Agreement with the Commonwealth

We’re pleased to announce that the SEIU Local 668 State Contract Negotiation Team has reached a tentative agreement with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for a four-year contract. Our team members have been negotiating with the Commonwealth since the early Spring, and late last week they voted unanimously to recommend this tentative agreement to our membership.

In the coming days, SEIU 668 members will be receiving detailed information about the agreement and will be voting on whether or not to ratify the contract. The Local will not be releasing details of this agreement until our members have been fully informed.

“We believe we have reached a fair agreement with the Commonwealth,” SEIU Local 668 President Steve Catanese said. “At a time of constant attacks on the public sector, we’re happy to have reached a stable, long-term agreement to give our members and the public peace of mind.”

SEIU Local 668 represents over 19,000 workers in Pennsylvania, primarily in social services positions, across the commonwealth. These members will be voting on the contract in the coming weeks, and final results of that vote will be made public as soon as they are available.

Team Photo

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