State Contract Negotiations Update from Friday March 8, 2019

State Contract negotiations

This week, your State Contract Negotiation Team met for another drafting session, and then had two back-to-back days with the Commonwealth for each side to present their initial proposal. SEIU 668 went first, presenting the proposal on Thursday and answering some general questions the Commonwealth had after. Each of your team members read and explained the individual proposals article-by-article, providing real-life examples from your shops and offering common-sense reasoning to issues that have been brought up through the membership survey from last year.

Highlights of the 668 proposal include better provisions for member health and safety, fair raises and an overall improvement in work life.

On Friday, the Commonwealth presented their proposal to the team, and we caucused after to discuss it. After taking some time, everyone came back to the table and your team was able to get clarification and ask questions to ensure we had as much information as possible to consider their proposals.

Generally speaking, the Commonwealth is looking to cut costs and curb spending, and that’s what a majority of their proposal centered around.

This is just the beginning of a longer process, but your negotiation team is confident that, as a unified group with continued Union support and mobilization, we’ll reach an agreement with the Commonwealth and ensure that our members are given the best-possible contract. The team will be meeting again at the end of the month, and will go back to the table with the Commonwealth for two days again. In the coming weeks, we request all state shops to institute Purple Tuesdays in a show of solidarity to management.

We’ll continue to update you all as negotiations happen, and we’ll also be posting these updates on the website at as well. Please remember that we cannot send Union business to State email addresses, so if you need to update your personal address in our database, please send an email to our general account at

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