State Contract Negotiations Update from Friday, April 12, 2019

State Contract negotiations

Your State Contract Negotiation members met once again on Thursday and Friday of this week, holding back-to-back bargaining days with the Commonwealth. We were able to make headway in closing-out a number of Articles, finalizing smaller details and modernizing language to account for Act 5 changes.

Both sides have begun presenting counter-proposals and package proposals as a sign of good faith bargaining. The language the team has accepted so far moves the CBA to help update it to protect members in light of recent legal decisions. Right now, the team is waiting on the Commonwealth to get back to us with additional data on some of its proposals before we provide any additional response.

Your Negotiation Team will be working with the Statewide Mobilization Committee to begin drafting a message and plans in response to the Commonwealth’s healthcare presentation from the last session. Please look for that information coming from your Chapter and Mobilization Chairs in the coming days.

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