State Contract Negotiations Update from Friday, May 10, 2019

Your State Contract Negotiation Team made great headway during back-to-back negotiation sessions with the Commonwealth this week. We had a long day Thursday with multiple sessions at the table, and a productive day on Friday.

At the table, the employer proposed to expose our members to the risk of rising healthcare costs. That would mean when healthcare costs go up, your out-of-pocket costs go up as well, and that is not something the Negotiation Team is okay with. Employee contributions and Commonwealth contributions are the only aspects of healthcare that can be bargained at the table. When we discuss healthcare in our next bargaining session, the team is going to continue to put our members first and ensure that employee contributions will not continue to rise.

We’re hopeful that our three-day negotiation session scheduled for the end of May will continue to be just as productive as this week’s sessions were. The Negotiation Team is excited for the statewide breakouts taking place on Tuesday, May 21st, calling for a fair contract and telling the Commonwealth to keep their hands off our healthcare contributions. It will send a message to the Commonwealth that we’re serious and they need to back off raising our healthcare costs.  Our goal is to bring our members a Tentative Agreement to vote on before our contract expires at the end of June.



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